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Do you have a favourite place you'd like turned into an oil painting? 

If so, send a photograph, or photographs, to :


Miniatures 13x18cm : £30

Other sizes : variable, depending on size & complexity.

Monserrat Mountain (5).JPG

A photograph rarely captures the atmosphere of a special place like Montserrat in Catalonia. The photo usually provides a basic image but the resulting painting is an attempt to capture something more.

In this case the sketch was made at a later time of the day, when the softer, pastel colours of the mountain were more in evidence. I took the photo to record more details for the painting. When I sketched the ridge, the clouds seemed much more like an extension of the mountain.

If you are interested in commission a painting, contact, and send a photograph, or photographs, of the subject, together with the size of canvas required.

Monserrat, Catalonia -50x70cm.jpg
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